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Tide's 'Carrie' Vine Is Scary Good

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I found this on mashable and thought it was hilarious. I also know that this isn’t meant to market the new Carrie movie, but it is great marketing on Tide’s part. Not only is it funny and creative, but it uses something currently in the media (the new/old Carrie movies) to advertise the product. While it may not make you want to run out and buy Tide detergent, this vine (and the others… yes, they have more) is getting talked about and that’s a big win for any brand.

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Getting into character

I’ll start off by saying I am a HUGE Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan. I love all of his movies and I think he is an incredible actor, which is why I was extremely excited to find out that he was behind the new film Don Jon.

Now, I want to see this movie for variety of reasons. In addition to being a huge fan, the film looks funny, sexy, and bit risque. And who could forget Scarlett Johansson; without a doubt, her role is another reason I’m dying to see this film. But my main reason for wanting to see Don Jon revolves around the unique approach to marketing this new movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt created a new twitter for his main character Jon Martello. (And yes, I do follow him!) The purpose of this twitter is not to promote the film in the traditional sense—you’re not going to see posts like “hey, my movie came out today! Go check it out!” No, this is Jon Martello’s twitter—his way to interact with his fans. Followers can submit questions for Jon to answer and he does, in fact, answer honestly and true to character. 

This twitter profile is a way for fans to really connect with this character. Before the film was even released, fans had the opportunity to interact with Jon, learn who he is, and his role in the film. In connecting fans with this character, it is very likely that they will be motivated to see it—to see Jon in action in his own environment.

Pretty innovative marketing tactic? I think so. It’s no secret that the online community likes to engage and communicate with brands, organizations, and people via social media. To use this as a marketing advantage is a pretty great idea and, in my opinion, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely doing it right.

Here’s a couple examples of his tweets (WARNING: some of this language is a little explicit):

Check out more on his twitter!

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When does marketing go too far?

I recently came across an article about the new film “Diana” starring Naomi Watts and the controversy surrounding some of the marketing techniques for the film.

"Diana" itself is already a controversial film and has received a lot of negative press. With this negative image out there, marketing the film can obviously get a little more complicated, but in the case, it may gone too far.

Recently, to promote the film, “Diana” posters featuring Naomi Watts were plastered in various locations; however, one poster was placed in a particularly controversial location: the exact place where Princess Diana met her untimely death.

The public and those who knew Diana personally have made their disgust for the placement of this product exceptionally clear. Due to this public outrage, the poster has been removed.

But this leads me to the big question: when does marketing go too far? 

This situation provided a great lesson: know your audience and know the boundaries. Know when your audience is sensitive to the subject your promoting and take this sensitivity into consideration when promoting your film, your product, your anything. It can be nice to shock and awe, but not at the expense of your audience and the things and people that are important to them.

Thankfully, in this case, the poster was removed fairly quickly, but there is still a lot of damage control that needs to be done.

The article that inspired this post:

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My first post… ever.

My first post to my first blog ever. Wow.

This is something I’ve always talked about starting—a blog about movies. I’ve always been a huge movie buff. It kind of runs in my family. It’s been a long running joke between me and my dad that we would, one day, start a blog critiquing movies and become internet sensations! I know it’s a little far-fetched, which may be why we never actually did it.

But now, I’ve received a little added motivation to start a blog that I can use to discuss my passion for film. I am currently taking a class that has challenged me to enhance my online personal brand through social media. Our professor suggested that we use this opportunity to establish ourselves as thought-leaders in topics related to our passions or our career aspirations. I figured, why not do both!

While I know this blog may not launch my marketing career in the film industry, my hope is that it helps me learn my way around—the greats, the do’s and don’ts, all that jazz—and help me put my own two cents in about some things I’m really interested in.

So, here’s my plan. I’m going to do my best to post twice a week about marketing examples that I find particularly interesting or innovative in the film industry. I’m sure at some times I’ll go off on a few tangents and discuss some other topics or industries here and there too. 

So tune in—I hope to have my first “real” post up sometime this week!

-the excited new blogger